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Amputation is one of the serious issues across the globe which is mainly caused by trauma, medical illness or congenital condition. Because of steep increase in amputation incidences, the need for progress in technicality of prosthesis is becoming imperative. In this article, the journey of advancements in upper arm prosthesis has been discussed step by step.

Moreover, it has also been enunciated that how from a simple replacement for an arm it now has reached the mark of giving a patient a fully functional limb with the help of sensors and myoelectric transducers that are able to translate the remaining muscle signals into full movement of the prosthesis.

However, researchers are still going on to make the design of the prosthetic more impressive having a better range of movement, establishing its interface with brain more efficiently, and making the control of the prosthetic more user-friendly. In this review, a special emphasis has also been given to myoelectric prosthesis as this prosthetic system possesses a decisive influence on rehabilitation results. Moreover, this prosthetic system is extremely elegant and cutting-edge in both design and technology and offers a great wearer comfort.

Upper Limb - Above Elbow

Upper Limb - Below Elbow

Lower Limb - Above Knee

Lower Limb - Below Knee

Lower Limb - Hip Disarticulation

Lower Limb - Partial Foot